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 Robert A. Fowke, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Fowke’s passion is to help businesses streamline their process efficiencies for a competitive edge, improving: Profitability; ROI; and Local Employment, thereby stimulating the economy and generating a positive feedback cycle.  Every company is a system with administrative processes, service processes, and perhaps manufacturing processes, all of which are subject to improvement.  Dr. Fowke helps find areas that need improvement and implement process change that results in measurable improvements in the business and bottom line.

 With 20 years of manufacturing experience, 10 years of financial services experience, and a Ph.D. in Systems Science Business Administration, reinforced with Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, Business Continuity Manager Certification, and a Graduate Certificate in Computer Modeling and Simulation, Dr. Fowke is well equipped to help client companies improve their operating performance.

 Dr. Fowke uses a collaborative approach to leverage the knowledge and understanding of subject matter experts while bringing the higher level interests and understanding of management to the table.

 Dr. Fowke has demonstrated his commitment to improvement and contribution as educator and through volunteer service.

As an educator Dr. Fowke worked as On-Campus Faculty for University of Phoenix, and  as Part Time Faculty for Clackamas Community College Customized Training Lean Academy.

Volunteer contribution provided by Dr. Fowke inlcudes:  Advisory Board Member for Clackamas County Economic Development Commission;  Urban Renewal Budget Committee for the City of Canby; Budget Committee for Canby School District; Board of Directors for North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce; and Board Member of Oregon Organization Development Network.

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Located in Portland, Oregon