Process Analysis


Are you having problems meeting product or service delivery deadlines?  Are you constantly putting out fires?  Do you have product quality problems, bottlenecks, or high inventory levels? Are you considering a significant capital expenditure to improve your business?  Solution tools include:

  • Value stream mapping to make sure all of your processes are satisfying customer needs;
  • Computer Modeling and Simulation to perform what-if scenario analysis for optimization of process performance.  Captures the variability in processes, and allows statistical analysis of:
    • Cycle times;
    • Takt times;
    • Wait times;
    • Queue lengths;
    • Resource utilization;
    • Labor costs;
    • Inventory levels; etc.
  • Capital Budgeting Analysis combined with business process modeling and simulation to confirm the ROI of projected capital budget expenditure before making the expenditure.

Trust R Fowke Consulting to do a thorough analysis of your business processes.  We will help you identify your strengths and weakness, develop solutions to make your business more profitable, easier to run, and improve the morale and productivity of your employees.

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