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Do you and your management staff spend too much time on non-critical tasks?  Are your employees committed to your success? Do you find that projects fade away or fall between the cracks?  Would you have difficulty continuing operations if key staff left?    When you work with R Fowke Consulting we will:

  • Map out your communication structure and functional responsibilities;
  • Review and confirm structure and responsibilities with staff;
  • Bring forward the hidden culture;
  • Prioritize important tasks;
  • Prepare succession planning;
  • Prepare and document policies and procedures.

Organizational structure and human resources management analysis assures that your organizational structure is in alignment with your business strategies, and that your employees, policies, and procedures work together to drive success.  We will help your business define explicit boundaries that provide employees guidance and empowerment in their jobs, while also helping them understand the value of their responsibilities in the overall process. Effective internal communication is seamless, with employees able to weigh in on issues that affect their jobs, while also respecting their place in the process, and focusing on their job. We create that seamless internal communication by discovering the hidden culture, soliciting employee input and helping the employer define clear policies that empower everyone and drive the success of your business.

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