Who We Are

Vision (what we want to be known for):

  We are a helping hand that makes the world a better place.

Mission (What business we are in):

 We provide a comprehensive systems perspective that allows clients to see exactly what they need to do to improve their business processes, improve employee satisfaction, and grow their bottom line.

 Values (What beliefs guide our every action):

 Our core value is contribution. 

Whether pro-bono or for-profit, R Fowke Consulting is a helping hand that makes the world a better place.

 Goals (What major things are we are trying to accomplish):

We help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, thereby improving their competitive advantage, stimulating the economy, and preserving the environment.  Through this primary goal, we increase our client base and expand our reach and contribution.

From Helplessness to Hope – Change is Possible!  If R Fowke Consulting (previously Business Efficiency Consulting) could help you solve one problem, eliminate one headache, or transform one process, what would it be?  By working with you (management), and your employees on the floor, we cultivate a sense of empowerment, contribution, and a vested interest in the success of your business to motivate action, drive results, and increase your bottom line.

R Fowke Consulting uses a collaborative approach to review your business processes, people, and communication structure to make sure everybody wins:  management; employees; the customer; and your company.  R Fowke Consulting brings unique insight into the process based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing as a blue collar factory worker promoted to management; 10 years of management in financial services; and a Ph.D. in systems science providing a comprehensive systems perspective of your business.

R Fowke Consulting helps you: 1) Better understand your business culture (your business as a system); 2) Identify areas for improvement; and 3) Define and Implement solutions for improvement.  We help you bring ideas for improvement to fruition by working with employees throughout your organization.  In turn:  Executive Management reaps the rewards of   increased profitability and enhanced understanding of corporate culture; Middle Management runs operations smoothly without much effort; and Employees want to come to work in your clean productive environment, and their voices are heard allowing feelings of contribution and self-fulfillment.

Our job is to fine tune your business processes to provide lean and clean steps that improve your bottom line.  Being efficient with every step throughout your business will help make you and your business more competitive and profitable.

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